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YuQiang & Partners

YuQiang & Partners


  • Practice: YuQiang & Partners
  • Website:
  • Firm Location: Shenzhen
  • Country: China
  • Year: 1999

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Mr Yu Qiang

Mr Yu Qiang founded YuQiang & Partners Interior Design Firm in 1999. In his over 25 years, he made it a practice of his concept in his work: an innovative design for life and beauty, innovative research for the quality. He established three subsidiaries, including YuQiang & Partners, WOW DECO and PP Design Gallery, providing customers with a comprehensive design services system.





Practice Ideology

YuQiang & Partners, founded in 1999, is a studio of interior architects and has been dedicated to building a professional and comprehensive platform for outstanding architects to work on projects jointly. Through sharing information, YuQiang & Partners is committed to updating design concepts and maintaining the momentum and innovation in design.

After two decades, the firm has become a significant architect’s studio with over 200 members focused on creative design. The firm has developed an overall design services system of architectural and interior design, soft decoration and engineering, and product agency. It has led design projects in various sectors, such as commercial real estate, public buildings and offices, super-luxury mansions, cultural and tourism, commerce, the healthcare industry, intelligent technologies, etc. For many years, YuQiang & Partners has worked with China’s Top 50 developers and achieved strategic partnerships with over half of its clients. The firm also delivers over 2,500 design projects in 120 cities across the globe with significant achievements and recognition.

It is the firm’s core value to “foster infinite creativity”. By upholding the principles of “bring creativity to design, and allow professionalism to all sectors”, the firm sticks to its design philosophy to create design projects that are visionary, valuable and exemplifying.

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