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  • Project Name: L House
  • Gross Built up Area: 349 sqm
  • Project Location: Ahmedabad, Gujarat
  • Country: India
  • Photo Credits: phxindia
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Excerpt: L house is an architectural project designed by tHE gRID Architects. The design of L House is articulated through simple, stark and clean volumes. The green canopies of the trees are balanced by rough-hewn stone cladding. Customized lights that wash these expanses create a serene atmosphere.

Project Description

(“Text as submitted by architect”)

The architecture itself was shaped by site forces. The plot is at a cul de sac, sited in a densely-populated residential area; a flat piece of land dotted with a number of trees. The retention of three huge local trees with widespread branches became a design driver. The low-rise dwellings around the site and the bylaws of the city were other influencing factors. Working around the local trees gave rise to the name and shape of the L HOUSE. Succeedingly, the designers achieved a straight car park and could propose and achieve an organic shape with fluid movements and intersecting volume of shape as a result of square and rectangular boxes based on a grid. The design is directed towards simple, stark clean and uncluttered interiors and volume of spaces. There is a fluidity of spaces with a certain dependence between them, helped the semi-private and private spaces to be interactive, triggering diverse sensations and moods to encourage communication.

It all starts with a refreshing landscape, featuring carefully-curated, climate-correct plantation. The entrance verandah is surrounded by the waterbody and meticulously planned landscape, complete with patio furniture. Customized lights that wash the exterior stone-clad walls create a serene atmosphere. Across the pure thick teak wood main door, and in the courtyard – which is the highlight of the house – a specially fashioned abstract 3D mural of birds in flight to infinity on an exposed RCC wall, reflects the joie de vivre exuded by the sculpture of a little boy delicately balanced on a ledge. The calm features of a Buddha, seated among refreshing greens, soothes you. The customized lights, angularly designed and dropping down from the ceiling, break the verticality of this volume.

To the right of this double-height volume lies the living room connected to the surrounding landscape through the double-height glazing overlooking the garden. Dressed in cool blues (in response to the harsh south-west sunlight) and wood, it features an installation of uniquely designed lamps made up of essentially wood and latticed with cane work, hung from the double height of the living room in a cluster of three distinctively integrated formations to throw light softly. The natural light filtering through the huge windows unhindered by any grills, looking out onto the garden gives you a sense of being transported to another world. The double height glazing has been camouflaged by wooden louvers on the exterior side to break the harsh sunlight from the south-west. These louvers are an integral part of the elevation too, and thus become a wooden curtain with dual function – inside and outside.

The dining area is part of the kitchen as per client requirement and spills over onto the back-deck area. The extended area is actually a setback in the plot as per the bylaws, which was creatively woven into the design programme. It offers another spot for quiet contemplation. The staircase that leads to the upper level affords views into the living room, dining area and the main entrance as it is wrapped around the central courtyard. There was considerable thought paid to being as gentle on the environment as possible. The process stressed on everything local, where man and material were concerned. Most of the trees were retained on site. The rooms feel alive with the correct balance of colours and natural and customized lighting, thoughtfully planned to be used at the correct time. Essentially all the rooms receive sunlight and natural breeze almost throughout the day resulting in optimal ventilation yielding in a comfortable internal environment. Hot air from the southwest is restrained by the surrounding landscape.

The design of L House is articulated through simple, stark and clean volumes. The green canopies of the trees are balanced by rough-hewn stone cladding. Customized lights that wash these expanses create a serene atmosphere.

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