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  • Project Name: Maitry 8
  • Completion year: 2017
  • Gross Built up Area: 3600 sq.ft.
  • Project Location: Athwalines, Surat.
  • Country: India
  • Lead Architects/Designer: Mitul Desai, Priyank Parmar
  • Design Team: Mitul Desai, Priyank Parmar
  • Clients: Ruchi & Prashant Singhania
  • Structural Consultants: S&V Engineers
  • Landscape Consultants: Mitul Desai
  • Contractors: Dipesh Shah, Bhanwarlal
  • Collaborators: Ekya Ventures
  • Photo Credits: Mitul Desai
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Project Description

(Text as submitted by the Architect)

Tucked between two adjacent houses in a quiet row-house society, the narrow house had very little light and a lot of cluttered small spaces accrued over years. We promised to do a complete architectural overhaul keeping the budget and timeline intact to match their original plan of getting interiors done. Apart from keeping the front elevation intact as per society’s rules, we managed to redo the house keeping the same footprint and height. A house which could breath and which would have ample daylight in every area from dawn to dusk.

Two solid masses position themselves to allow a light well, with North facing skylight, in the center of the house. This lightwell becomes an anchor to all the spaces with stairs, bridge and a stramp connecting the opposing sides. Dining table under a full grown indoor plant sits in the center of this light well, further anchoring the family. White marble-chip terrazzo on walls softens the light coming in from top and amplifies the luminance. The vertical light well releases out to the garden through living room on ground floor and through tearoom looking into the North sky on second floor – allowing uninterrupted breezeway through the whole house.

The abundance of light and air ensures comfortable living in all the spaces. Most rooms take advantage of the full width of a rather narrow plot. Two large mango trees in the garden protect living room and bedrooms from harsh South-western sun. The house offers varied experiences for varying seasons, times of the day and family gatherings of any size.

House facilitates connection to nature in many different ways. One can experience changing moods of the sky through skylight or see the moon over dinner table. Rain can be experienced sitting on the deck next to the garden or in the tea-room looking out to terrace garden. The landscape pulls in butterflies and birds that even wander through the breezeway at times. The globe-trotting couple now admit that they are spoilt for choices when they travel.



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