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  • Project Name: Sculptor’s pool
  • Completion year: 2012
  • Gross Built up Area: 70 Sqm
  • Project Location: El Retiro, Antioquia, Colombia
  • Country: Columbia
  • Lead Architects/Designer: Edgar Ignacio Mazo Zapata – Sebastián Mejía
  • Design Team: Intern Tess Walraven, Intern Victor Marechal, Intern Erica Martinez
  • Clients: Hugo Sculptor
  • Structural Consultants: JAO Ingenieros
  • Landscape Consultants: Connatural
  • Contractors: Connatural
  • Photo Credits: Jaime Andrés Orozco
  • Others: Text: Intern Maria Camila Duque
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Project Description

(Text as submitted by the Architects. Updated on 05 December, 2020)

It is enough to leave the house to feel the echoes of those places that have been visited, to have memories and impressions of the past. Wanting to return to Río Claro, Río Arma, Río La Piñuela and Charco Azul, to the water ride and game. Cold water and mist. Returning to them through the green water of a river (a green that changes according to depth or surface) in a pool that seeks, based on a broad immersion idea, to make the man who submerges feel part of the whole in which it is located.

This project not only talks about immersion in the water, but also about immersion in the landscape, in the topography: located in El Retiro, the pool merges into the slope looking towards the Fe dam. A long, thin line that continues to form a terrace it speaks to us of movement, it seeks to get lost in the native forest. Losing yourself is also immersion.

By pretending that the pool is one with the landscape and is inscribed in the relief (based on continuity and containment), the idea is pursued that in the depth of the pool a proper geography is also generated, which accommodates the various particular human positions of aquatic activity. Ergonomics is studied so that men feel comfortable as part of the unique system created.

The Turk -located under the terrace to configure a single element- continues with the logic of immersion in the environment: enclosure in handmade glass tile and shades of green, a new way of understanding the idea of ​​Turk is proposed, moving away from the penumbra and seclusion that characterize it.

The sculptor’s pool project revolves around exploring an idea about boundaries. How diffuse can the border between the outside and the inside become when a pool – the place – transforms the environment and, at the same time, is transformed by that thermal landscape.

“The sun had not yet risen. Only the slight folds, like those of a somewhat ingrained cloth, made it possible to distinguish the sea from the sky. Little by little, as the sky grew lighter, a dark streak formed on the horizon, dividing the sky from the sea, and thick lines appeared on the gray cloth, streaking it, advancing one after another, below the surface, each which following the previous one, chasing each other, perpetually.”

 Virginia Woolf
The Waves (1931)



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