Dehradun: An Illustrated Journey of A City

Dehradun: An Illustrated Journey of A City


  • Title: Dehradun: An Illustrated Journey of A City
  • Author: Maulishree Mishra
  • Publisher: Copal Publishing
  • Publication Year: 2021
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 978-81-95320-85-1

About the Book

The book is remembrance to the fading memories of a city and takes its readers on a journey of ‘Vale of Doon’. It tries to tell the story of Doon Valley through its narratives and illustrations, which we have often found ourselves wondering about when passing by an old deteriorating structure hiding beneath green monsoon moss in a forgotten part of the city, sitting by a canal or an abandoned bridge watching the setting sun through the blue‐tangerine skies or while taking a walk through a forest bathed in wintery sunshine. Doon Valley has been nothing less than a magical land with its inhabitants of kinds who have

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coexisted since time immemorial, but this coexistence of man and nature is now threatened by insensitive and unscientific development. The book urges its readers to reflect and act in order to protect their valley for future generations and times to come.

The book tries to put together the otherwise ignored fragments of the city heritage that still stand, awaiting  to be  torn  apart  by  the  insensitive developmental activity  but hoping to be rescued and bring people closer to the Dehra of old times.

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