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We are proudly driven to make conversations about built habitat accessible. Keeping our goals in mind, we are constantly looking for people who have a voice and opinion on relevant topics and are willing to share it with the world. We believe that conversing about issues such as Urban Design, Social and Cultural issues, Design Pedagogy or Feminism is important for the academic world to move forward, and for the professional world to keep
themselves updated. Thus we would like to invite you to write for our platform on topics interesting to you. They should be academically relevant and associated to the field of Architecture, Design, Conservation, Heritage, Built Environment. 

Formats for Articles
1. Blog Article and Opinion Pieces:
This is like a quick read highlighting a trend, or making an observation about the current world of design. This can also talk about products, practices and works of a particular genre of architects and designers. These are light reads of about 600-800 words written in an easy and accessible language, supported with necessary images and media.

2. Series of Blog Articles:
In this the Author can choose to Address an issue over a regular interval with multiple articles. These can talk about a journey over time and place, or build an argument towards a topic. This can also simply be a list of interesting observations on a particular topic. It has to have a minimum of five articles. Again, visuals are essential to supplement the writing.

3. Research Articles:
These are in depth, academic articles, with a premise, observations and valid inference or conclusions. These are essentially long, with powerful academic writing and references, and supported by necessary images shared or produced by the Author.

Step: 1
All you have to do is download the attached ZIP file (using the link below). Within it is a form where you need to fill in your essential detail and a abstract. You can also submit the enitre article with the form for immediate publication. Upload all documents to Dropbox or Google Drive and paste the link at the end of this form given in step: 2.
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Step: 2
Once you have all documents uploaded and link ready of Google Drive of Dropbox, fill up the following form

    Please be sure that the link which you are sharing with us has the right permissions so that we can access the content.

    We also publish Un-built projects ex. Competition Entries or any other project which was conceptualized but not built or is never going to be built.

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