Publish your work

Step: 1
All you have to do is download the attached ZIP file (using the link below). Within it are two folders asking information about your office and projects. It contains forms asking all basic information about your practice ideology, notable projects, project description etc. Also within the Project folder there are folders where you need to share relevant drawings, photos or other media regarding the project. In case you wish to share more than one project, please copy the project folder and fill in the information regarding the second project. Upload all documents to Dropbox or Google Drive and paste the link at the end of this form given in step: 2.
Download Submission File ยป

Step: 2
Once you have all documents uploaded and link ready of Google Drive of Dropbox, fill up the following form

    Please be sure that the link which you are sharing with us has the right permissions so that we can access the content.

    We also publish Un-built projects ex. Competition Entries or any other project which was conceptualized but not built or is never going to be built.

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