Quarantine Pods | Winner Announcement

Quarantine Pods | Winner Announcement



“This is a very challenging competition in a pandemic setting. The design requirements demanded face-to-face communication between the virus holder with his/her family and be entertained. All of this must happen in a very small bedroom with a living room (where the rest of the family are) facing the front. More importantly, the Quarantine Pods should be designed to prevent the spread of the virus while providing a healing environment.

We were so impressed by the number of participants and the quality of the submissions.

The first winner exceeded our expectations, providing the most amount of virus prevention through double doors with airlocks on different levels. Also, it provides such a calming and healthy air environment. They went further by providing different settings to enhance the life of the sick while in a social bubble. The submission also impressively included construction details.

Congrats for such design ability to see and bring solutions to every aspect related to this pod and the dedication to bring such details on paper.” _ Amal Wasfi (ArcAce Founder)

Explore the entire result of the competition WEBSITE.

The winners of the competition are as following:

Winner_ 1_ Fatemeh Heidari,Bahar Saebi Safa,and Negar Soleiman
Architecture students at Shariaty University, Tehran, Iran

Quarantine Pods | Winner Announcement

“The result was the design of a quarantine facility suitable for people who needed to improve their physical and mental condition. They are connected to the outside world and have access to all the media and facilities they need. It was possible to visit family or doctor by designing an air-lock space.

Quarantine Pods | Winner Announcement

It is designed with materials that need low construction time, are light, portable and removable, which also requires low manpower. Even the details such as the use of plants to produce oxygen have been used. And in general, we have tried to meet all the requirements.

One of the most important points in infection prevention is waste management which may cause dangerous situations for other people who are in close contact with it. So due to the World Health Organization (WHO) warnings, we decided to design a completely automatic garbage system which is eventually emptied into a pit outdoors.

Quarantine Pods | Winner Announcement

And this pit stores the infected garbage for 72 hours out of the way and after 3 days it can be disposed of with the general household waste.”_ Fatemeh, Negar, and Bahar

Winner_ 2_Maria Isabel Quiroz Roca, and Xinzhao Li
Students completing Bachelor of Science in Architecture, McGill University, Quebec, Canada

Quarantine Pods | Winner Announcement

“Our quarantine pod aims to be a protective space that satisfies the user’s essential needs during their isolation period. The design explores the balance between the private personal space and the shared personal space by allowing the user to open or close the three areas of the room.

We designed the furniture to separate each area and spatially distribute the user’s activities to avoid staying in the same compartment all the time. As the user interacts with the pod, they are able to develop their own routine to help them get through their quarantine.The permanent furniture of the room acts as a separator of areas, storage for the user’s belongings, and as an interchanging hub between the exterior and the interior of the pod for food, laundry, and disposal of waste.

Quarantine Pods | Winner Announcement

The guest window allows visual communication between the user and the outside that could also be helpful for medical purposes. The table can expand under the guest window and create a safe space for the user and their relatives to share a meal and spend time together”_ Xinzhao and Maria

Winner _3_ David Hugill
He is currently working through a 3D Design certificate at Emily Carr University and has almost completed a diploma in Organic Landscape Management through Royal Roads University.

Quarantine Pods | Winner Announcement

His ultimate goal is helping to solve wicked problems by designing creative, living, solutions that are environmentally responsible, aesthetically appealing, and functionally sound. David is from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Quarantine Pods | Winner Announcement

“The design offers 142 ft² of living space with all the necessities including wifi, entertainment system, personal fitness equipment and a healthy organically focussed space.

Quarantine Pods | Winner Announcement

The contactless design is centered around the sliding tri -doors that provide an airtight seal between rooms when closed and retract into the walls when open allowing optimum use of space. The ability to seal off and filter the air between rooms is crucial during food service, cleaning for the duration of a quarantine scenario”_ David

Honorable Mention_1_ Rosmi George, and Jisna Thomas
Bachelor students from SCMS School of Architecture, Kerala, India

Quarantine Pods | Winner Announcement

“QUARANTINE is a stage in which a person is needed to be separated from others as he/she has close contact with an infected person or having the disease. This can also be called as a stage in which a person needed need more care, help, rest as he/she depends on someone or something.

Using photocatalyst cleaners: Air purifiers will use ultraviolet light in combination with catalysts to create chemical reactions that oxidize bacteria, viruses, molds, odors, volatile organic compounds into harmless byproducts. This can be done during the night.

Different kinds of houseplants can purify air and they are the best medium to counter the pollution indoors, especially if you are dealing with respiratory illnesses. Some varieties of houseplants require very little or indirect sunlight. According to a study conducted by NASA, houseplants can purify and rejuvenate air within our houses and workplaces.”_ Rosmi, and Jisna

Honorable Mention_2_: Kiah Kennedy
Completed Bachelor of Art from the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Quarantine Pods | Winner Announcement

“The Quarantine Pod is a calming space, focused on the mental and physical well-being of the occupant. The twin bed features drawers underneath for clothing storage and faces a TV for entertainment. A small kitchen provides a space for snacks and drinks. The attached desk can be used for working, Facetime with family, or enjoying meals. Open shelving provides quick access, easy cleaning, and gives the room more breathing space.

The bathroom is small but well equipped, with easy-to-clean marble tile. The entryway provides a space to leave, or pick up items with a flip-down table perfect for putting a food tray on. When the doors are closed, UV lights can be activated to sanitize the contents ensuring that germs never leave the pod.”_Kiah


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