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Project Name: Regatta Foreshore Walk Pavilion

Practice: Day Bukh Architects

Firm Location: NSW,Australia

Completion year: 2009

Gross Built up Area: 250 m2

Project Location: Toronto, Australia

Photo Credits: Simon Wood

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Project Description

(Text submitted by architect)

The Regatta Foreshore Walk project develops an existing public recreation space at the southern end of a foreshore reserve. The lakeside project presented an opportunity to redevelop a unique cultural and historical recreational area. The site’s critical location between lake and town centre reinforces the importance of the project and the visual, physcial and cultural connection with the community. Key elements of the project include a new amenities building including a combined kiosk and storage building, men and women’s toilet, change and shower facilities, associated paved and terraced plaza area for seating, a timber boardwalk along the foreshore edge and a new access from the boardwalk to the lake swimming baths. The design aims to incorporate the unique lakeside environment by extension of the inherent physical forms of the land and bush.

The design also aims to create a link between the town centre and the lake edge. The language of the design is simple and modern using traditional materials and methods of construction. These materials are meant to be highly aesthetic, durable and relate to the existing lakeside context. The buildings are comprised of 3 amenities buildings to replace the existing one building. The separation into three structures allows the scale of the buildings to decrease therefore downplaying their stature within the site and allowing increased permeability into and out of the site. The shade structure unifies the three buildings visually while also performing functional requirements for shade, wind and rain protection. The buildings improve the amenity of the reserve and the local area by maintaining important lake views, addressing safety and access issues, while upgrading recreational facilities in a contextually sensitive manner.


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