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Resilient Architecture – Resilience is a strategy to enhance the ability of a building, facility, or community to both prevent damage and to recover from damage to the function that it is designed for. We cannot design for every unpredictable event, but we can make sure our buildings and cities are built to withstand these disruptions.

Resilient design is the intentional design of buildings, landscapes, communities, and regions in order to respond to natural or manmade disasters as well as long-term changes caused by climate change. In this approach, adaptive strategies are often weighed over mitigation.

Understanding what resilience is and developing knowledge of its application can help us create sustainable cities for the future.

The brief aims to further the use of resilience in buildings through stories, accounts and observations.



Lila Azhar

Road To Resilience

A guide to achieve resilience by implementing simple strategies.


Honorable Mentions:

Harold Demetrios

The Battle Of Climate Change

Sustainability and Resilience, all part of the force to fight the impending doom brought forth by Climate change.


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