Respites | Winners Announced


Posted on: December 23rd, 2021

Respites | Winners Announced

‘Respites’ is an architecture competition that invites sensitive design ideas for hospices for children. Hospices are facilities that provide care, comfort, and support to terminally ill patients in their last phases of life. While a majority of hospice environments may cater to the needs of adults; but children, on the other hand, need a special kind of care and environment. The spaces we accommodate also have a significant effect on our mental and physical health, apart from human support. Where it can be a difficult task to verbally soothe children facing a near fate, their physical environment could play a role in comforting them in those days The competition encourages architects and designers to put their skills and sensibilities to use, by bringing forward design solutions to improve the physical and emotional well-being of terminally ill children by providing positive environments.


HoneyBee Hospice


Children in the hospice have clear needs for social and group belonging, nature, and personal values, which are actually very similar to the behavioral patterns of bees. Therefore, this hospice care center uses the little bee as a cartoon image, hoping to encourage move-in children to spend their short and splendid time like lively little bees.

Runner Up:

Hope Hospice

A place for terminally ill children .where they are reborn in every moment.


People’s Choice Awards

“Lorem Ipsum” Hospice

Our hospice invites its residents to write their own story, to leave behind a living memory. Centralized around thematic gardens, each propagates specific cluster of activities – encouraging creation of memories.


Editor’s Choice


Sensitive Housing for Young



House of Angels

Unleashed Sacramento Hospice

Part of the Community

Alive Hospice


Explore the entire result on the competition WEBSITE.

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