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Dwell One Brief: Designing a single-person dwelling within a community, neighborhood, and/or an apartment/housing in which the dwelling is located.  The dwelling may or may not include all basic functions for dwelling, such as kitchen, bathroom, and so on.  Instead of designing a self-sufficient dwelling, participants are encouraged to create a narrative that describes the supporting system & engagement to fulfill basic functions, thereby articulating the relationship between the dwelling & society.

Description: Relationship between the solo dwelling & society must portray the notion of individual subject contrasting from that of within a family home. The design of a single-person dwelling must confirm its spaces & materiality of interiors articulated with the subject lives in.

Sententiously, the plan of a community, neighborhood, and/or apartment/housing establishes how single-person dwellings are part of a larger social structure.



Winner 1_ Seorang-Bersama
Nicky wong


“Individuals as a whole” Transformation of an existing terrace house into a co-living dwelling addressing single workers at the site featuring modular spaces for private living, working, and play.

Jury Comments

“Impressive presentation, beautiful renderings, and detailed drawings. The whole design looks very matured and seems that this design can be realized very soon. But, because this is idea competition, so I expect more experimental or challenging ideas, more than mature realistic ideas. If this proposal could include a little bit more experimental design, it would be a perfect proposal.” _ Shuhei Aoyama

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