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Result Announced | Linguatheque

Result Announced | Linguatheque



CHALLENGE: Linguatheque challenges to design a Language Center for the province that focuses on preserving and propagating the varied languages that existed historically and are now extinct or on the verge of getting extinct.

Newfoundland and Labrador is the easternmost province of Canada. It’s a former colony and then the dominion of the United Kingdom.

It finally joined Canada in 1949 as ‘Newfoundland and Labrador’.  The province is one of the earliest areas of the New World that was discovered by Europeans. Thus, it has seen European visitors to its shores for over 1000 years. These visitors included speakers for Norse, Basque, Spanish, Portuguese, German, French, Irish Gaelic, and Scots Gaelic.

However, today all except French and Scots Gaelic have disappeared completely.


The province has been a linguistically heterogeneous place that welcomed every language and people from all cultures. However, with the passage of time, this has slowly changed.

How can this Hub of Languages be preserved?

Winner_ Languereen
Language knowledge center

Result Announced | Linguatheque

“Languereen” words came from the words “Language” and “Smithereen”, which is an Irish-originated word to describe “Small Pieces”. And the Lengueree Knowledge Center aims to bring all languages that were once spoken in N.L. Suggesting a mobile app, those languages will have a bigger chance to stay active.

Result Announced | Linguatheque

We aimed to encourage people to learn by this app and also have an interest about this area through designing the spaces to draw user’s attention from all around the world.”

Result Announced | Linguatheque

Jury Comments

“A sophisticated and well-resolved design that strongly responds to all the programmatic criteria. Nice presentation.”_ David Premi

Result Announced | Linguatheque

“Presentation is well, so intentions and proposal can be followed easily. The overall concept is nice, the respect to the existing uses and environment in specific. Very good that the main idea comes from observation.

All programmatic units are placed well, and the flow of space is positive. Though material changes between lower and upper levels add quality to the exterior, the whole composition would not lose much in the absence of this variety.

Sections and 3Ds are very dynamic though the same kind of enthusiasm is not felt in plans. It being climate-sensitive is noteworthy though further details would a lot to the total quality.”_ Pinar Dinc Kalayci

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