Result Announced: Origamitecture -Paper powered architecture ideas


Posted on: May 9th, 2021

Result Announced: Origamitecture -Paper powered architecture ideas


UNI announced winners for the competition “Origamitecture -Paper powered architecture ideas”


The design challenge is to build a flea market and exhibition space for the arts and crafts made by local craftsmen in the city of your residence. The centre would be able to host 100 visitors and space for setting up flea markets. The scale of the competition and the site area is unrestrained.

However, the design shall be made by only two A3 sheets of paper (less the better) and pieces of it with minimal adhesive/cutting.

Winner 1:


Origami Pavilion

Saturday Market and Art Exhibition Space Located in the lively Grand lake area of Oakland California, the project aims to elevate the experience people have of this popular Saturday market destination by supporting local artists and artisans to show their work.


Jury Comments

“A great solution to the design brief which as an origami artist I find attractive and practical.”
-David Brill 

“A generally very successful submission, well presented, well-conceived and well designed. The folding is entirely appropriate to the concept. It is a folded form that could continue to develop through many iterations, at many scales and with many different materials, to create a diversity of temporary, semi-permanent and permanent structures.”
-Paul Jackson

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