Result Announced | Project Runway


Posted on: June 24th, 2021

Result Announced | Project Runway


Project Runway”: The challenge was to design a pavilion to integrate academic knowledge with industrial experience amid fashion institutes.

The fashion education sector is booming and has grown enormously over the last decades. Although, we have witnessed increasing competition in the field of design, yet this isn’t the major contributor towards unemployment after graduation. Are fashion students getting stitched up? How?


There exists a gap between academic and market/ real-world education in current college curriculums. Most of the graduates lack basic stitching and sewing skills that makes job procurement out of question. While the other half falls short of inexperience in terms of presentation, client interaction, and spectator engagement.

Isn’t there a solution to create an integrated business-education model? How should fashion schools integrate business learning into a creative education? Can we create a medium to formulate a bond between students and accomplished designers? How can fashion students develop a business mindset from early college age?

Winner_ Stick n Tuck Pavilion

Project Runway_1_ sesya2020-12-15T14-01-59-740940
Bird eye of pavilion

A pavilion to connect people (students, professionals, and public society) through an interactive, playful, flexible, and sustainable design supported with modular and quick installation materials.

Project Runway_2_sesya2020-12-15T14-02-01-570935
Main idea and concept

“As clothes are the most basic need in human life, fashion industry becomes one of the most important and rapid development industry. However, with almost every individual as a direct consumer of this industry, its massive growth comes with adverse impacts to the environment, even the negative ones.

Project Runway_3_sesya2020-12-15T14-02-02-473964
Site plan and perspective

The pavilion aims to become a place to connect people, from the student, professionals, and even public society, through an interactive, playful, flexible, and sustainable design supported with the modular and quick installation materials.”

Project Runway_4_ sesya2020-12-15T14-02-00-175800
Module detail

“According to the survey, fashion industry becomes the second-largest consumer of the world’s water supply and pollutes the oceans with the micropollutants, and therefore it is responsible for 20% of all industrial water pollution worldwide. This happens because per year, an average consumer throws away for approximately 70 pounds (31.75kgs) of clothing.”

Project Runway_5_sesya2020-12-15T14-02-00-209206
Module detail

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