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The start and the finishing parts of the project however are indeed the most creative ones. “Residence Rush” design challenge looks at this specific part where we push to solve a design challenge in a limited timeframe. The problem statement involves not only good design but finding effective ways to depict and present them in a fast-moving schedule.

The competition focused on residence design only as a theme with fixed minimum deliverables – Like a set of site/floor plans, interior mood board, elevations, and 4 x 3D views – in 5 days.

The deadline dilemma is so true and universal across all regions and places that it is an inseparable part of professional and academic life. And despite planning/scheduling being placed, it eventually boils down to the performance in that key period that defines success or failure.


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Winner_ House on a Prairie

The House on a Prairie is a proposed residence for a family of five. Its main design ideologies are responsive to the site and Irish architecture. Our main philosophy was to bring contemporary and Irish architecture in an interesting blend.

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Residence Rush_House on a Prairie (Description) 

“The design initiated from the study of local Irish architecture and understanding the dynamics of the site. Irish architecture has an inherent style that perfectly fits in the context.

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The usage of stone is an iconic symbol; of Irish architecture. Our goal was to borrow this building element and resonate in our proposal. Using subtle detail of stone throughout the design pays a special homage to the Irish roots is our main priority. One of the first things we noticed about the site is the Prairie-style location. Grassland and tall trees were elements we were immediately drawn to.”

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