Result Announced – Sensory Architecture: Essay Writing Competition


Posted on: March 11th, 2021

Result Announced – Sensory Architecture: Essay Writing Competition

Sensory Architecture – An Essay is an international Architectural essay competition organized by Archiol. We are proud to declare that we received more than a thousand entries (1058, to be precise) from around the world.

The competition’s aim was to find out the varied and unique approaches on the topic of Sensory Architecture. The contest is an annual competition and will be released again in 2022.
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The full results, including the winners, the honorable mentions, and the top 20 shortlisted entries can be viewed here –

Read on to discover the results of the 2021 edition of the competition and the top three winners



Be like a fish in the water by Jodel Bismarc Mekemta

About Author:

I am a student and am currently working on my master thesis project. Writing inspires critical thinking in collective thinking which is key to the enlightenment of people’s consciousness. Already winner of several competitions and architecture prizes published in international magazines, I am convinced that just as the writer heals society, architecture teaches, shares, balances and offers us a second life.



Fear of the Water House by Bruno Cardoso de Almeida Pirro

About Author:

Bruno 26 years old lives in São Paulo – Brazil, and studies architecture since 2018. Seeking inspiration in films and music loves phenomenology and tries to use the senses to design your own projects in Architecture University.



A eulogy to the mother of all arts: architecture by Eliana Heltschl

About Author:

I am a 29 year old Architect from Austria. I’m originally from Tirol, but I moved to Vienna when I was 18 to study Architecture at the TU Vienna. I finished university last year and now I am currently working in an Office and in my free time I am working on different projects in a studio that I share with 10 friends of mine.


Spatial Perception by PRIYANSHI HIRAN



Baltimore Bouquet by RANDY SOVICH


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