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Design Class Announced the winners of the “Tiny House Design Competition”

Winning Entry_ Edona Murseli,

Tiny House_ Winner 1_ 1

The Tiny House modules pertain to the relevance of today’s situation in the Kosovan culture. On a status-quo level, the house modules would be an efficient response – with houses being built within a 24-hour interval by 3D modeling printers – to the ever-increasing housing crisis in Kosovo because of the Covid-19 pandemic. The houses will be built in Kika village in Kamenic City which helps us extrapolate an example of how the tiny house project would allow us to expand our range of environmentally friendly housing by providing us an opportunity to build residential infrastructure without very little human intervention. In a more general sense, the tiny house project provides resemblance and contrast to the Kosovan culture. On one hand, it will be an exemplification of our cultural sentimental values with the incorporation of traditional details in the design of the houses, while on the other hand, the small structure of the house is very self-sufficient and is a contrast to the traditional household structure in Kosovo where families traditionally reside together in a large number of members with an underlying tone of a sense of collectivism.

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From being able to cultivate your own food to using environmentally-friendly energy, namely the one generated by the windmills in close proximity, the tiny houses would be a defining frame of people’s health and work. Finally, the location of these tiny houses – based on the modular notion of architectural objects – is very suitable for the development of improved living conditions, because it is host to very rich and abundant mountain water, clean air, and diverse wildlife that have a direct correlation with the mental and general well-being of people.

Tiny House_ Winner 1_ 3

The housing module is diligently designed to have a multifaceted approach towards its functionality – it will use advanced technology in its construction and modeling but will simultaneously provide a close connection with nature. The house will feature great access to natural light. This incorporation will help facilitate and encourage an improvement in the mental health of the subject residing within the house.

Tiny House_ Winner 1_ 4

Using a 3D printer for the construction of our tiny houses, which are based on the concept of modular houses, we will be capable to ensure such a process in a time frame of 24h. This allows for very flexible and efficient responses to different living crises or conditions, having the consumers satisfied for them, additionally, will be able to decide on the size, dimension, shape, and specific spaces of the house.
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