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Result Announced | Urbanscape Streetbeat

Result Announced | Urbanscape Streetbeat



UNI announced the winners for the competition “Urbanscape: Streetbeat”.


Urbanscape: Streetbeat is a step forward that seeks to bind the concept of urban identity and the furniture that makes the city fun to be in. It aims at creating elements that connect the dots to make the daily life of the city groove like music notes in very subtle ways. After the pandemic the will to go out on the streets has reduced considerably it will take more effort.

The challenge here is creating a single piece OR a family of furniture for the desired city with common features in concept/form/color/design that needs to be derived from the city into consideration. The location of these pieces of furniture also matters, by analyzing key spots where they could be meaningful to the city as well.

The goal of this competition is to give birth to furniture concepts that sprout from the city’s identity instead of industrial convenience. This would be possible in the following three steps.

For more entries visit WEBSITE.


Result Announced | Urbanscape Streetbeat

The Frame bench

The Frame Bench is an urban furniture object that gives a connection between the old, traditional, and the new and contemporary. It is designed to beautify and utilize the space by providing a place to sit, rest and enjoy the beautiful lake view. It is a shelter from the sun during the day and a light object at night.


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