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Architecture Writing Competition 2021 that explores the philosophy of Art and Architecture.

There is a deep connection between Art and Architecture. The creation of both requires a deep understanding and a sense of expression. Both Art and Architecture are designed by using the same principles; both require sensory engagement to realize the underlying meaning. The competition, ‘Art and Architecture’ is looking for essay submissions on the connection between Art and Architecture.


  • Develop an abstract design (2D or 3D / free to choose your medium) that explains this connection between Art and Architecture.
  • Write an Essay that explains your abstract design and answers the following question:
  • What is your understanding of this connection between Art and Architecture?

Architecture Writing Competition 2021, organized by ARCHIOL that explores the philosophy of Art and Architecture. The competition, ‘Art and Architecture’ was looking for essay submissions on the connection between Art and Architecture.


All fields of arts are about expressing ideas, reflecting the artists’ creativity and creating a sensory experience for humans but Hegel defends that architecture is the mother of all arts and the reason behind this statement is the fact of architecture combines aesthetics, structural principles and mathematical precision in order to design. The harmony of textures, openings, planes, views, sounds, light and shadows in a good architecture is the evidence of no other field of art can draw the same amount of media in their creations even more an architect’s art is no valuable without an existence of human to experience it. Certainly architecture deserves Hegel’s statement but what he overlooks in this statement is that other fields also feed architectures abstract side, what I mean is that painting, sculpture and architecture interpenetrate during the creative process in fact their unity is the true form of the creative process.



Zeynep ÇOLAK

She is a 3rd year architecture student at TED University. She was born and raised in Ankara/Turkey but currently she lives in Istanbul. Besides the architecture, she is getting educated to become a sculpture artist. She is also a former ski racing athlete in the national team and a big enthusiast of violin. Her goal is to become an inspiring artist in plastic arts.

Winner 2: Art and Architecture | Akça Yılmaz

The relation of art and architecture had been a long debate ever since both these fields appeared. They are considered to be sources, titles and interpretations of each other due to many variations of how and why they are used. Among an infinite number of questions, a few can be asked to discuss on these particularly critical fields. Firstly, the debate can go on about their definitions and similarities. Then it should be asked whether one of these subjects can cover the other; is architecture an art or does art act as a built complex after all?


Akça Yılmaz

I have always been fascinated by humankind’s ability to create. This is how Ibegun studying architecture. To explore and produce architecture as a field that provides far more than constructs for humans is my ultimate goal. I wish for architecture, creativity and design to be trusted and embraced as tools of communication.

Winner 3: Creative Freedom vs Functionality| Brandon Koots

I’ve previously said that art requires a fair amount of creativity. Though creating art is not just about materializing those creative ideas; it can also be functional. Art is also there to excite us, to fire up our imagination, to make us question how we live, how we interact with each other or how we do things. It’s there to stir up certain emotions and, in some cases, influence us towards taking specific actions. Alain De Botton, in his book “The Architecture of Happiness”, brings up the idea of a work of art as a “piece of propaganda”. It becomes a propaganda “whenever it uses its resources to direct us towards something, insofar as it attempts to enhance our sensitivity and our readiness to respond favourably to any end or idea.” There’s nothing bad with the fact that art has this power over us, as long as the idea it wants us to respond favourably to is a positive one.

Brandon Koots

Architecture student based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Although I’m originally from the Caribbean island of Curaçao. As a future architect, I’m more interested in writing and investigating. Not only to question how we see, do and (most importantly) teach architecture, but also to figure out how our built environment can affect our wellbeing. Writing is my way of processing those questions that may one day lead to interesting answers.

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