Result Announcement: Design Daily Choice Awards 2020

Result Announcement: Design Daily Choice Awards 2020



Founded in 2010, Design Daily is dedicated to building the world’s leading online platform and community on architecture, landscape, urban, interior and sharing its discoveries with a worldwide audience. With channels in 10 languages, we reach more than 1.5 million readers every month while our social media network covers over 200 thousand followers.

After ten years running, the website of Design Daily has created a unique impact on the AEC industry. 2020 was a challenging year for the industry, thus Design Daily has adjusted and upgraded its strategy for quickly responding to building and media evolution. The team of Design Daily is honored to announce our first annual design awards.

Through the whole year of 2020, Design Daily has published 2,036 projects in all types, in multiple languages. Our editors are taking the responsibility of recognizing and rewarding the nominations and projects that are making an impact on architectural design and related disciplines. The editors’ choice will keep Design Daily expanding greatly.

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Winners are as following:

365 Studio by Bogdanova Bureau
Kyiv, Ukraine

Result Announcement: Design Daily Choice Awards 2020

365 Studio occupies some part of the ground floor and the first floor in a new building in central Kyiv. What made this project complicated was its belonging to the chain which already had its identity guide. There are certain rules which are formalized in the brand book such as a combination of white and green colors, plants, and natural materials in the interior because the company is eco-friendly and tries to keep closer to nature.

Theatre House by Bean Buro
Mid-levels, Hongkong

Result Announcement: Design Daily Choice Awards 2020

Bean Buro was tasked with a full refurbishment of an apartment for a family of four – parents with a young child, an arriving second child, and their bulldog. The apartment faces a beautiful view of the Hong Kong skyline, nestled into the steep green hills of the Mid-Levels. Inside, the intimate living and dining space are designed to be adaptable with the parents’ busy lifestyle as working parents, including an office for the father, a master bedroom suite with an integrated workspace for the mother, a bedroom suite for their young daughter, and another bedroom suite for their arriving child.

East Garden by Wuyang Architecture
Shanghai, China

Result Announcement: Design Daily Choice Awards 2020

Dongyuan New Village is located in the central zone of Lujiazui, Pudong district. It is a mix-use residential block that has been built since the 1980s. Besides residential buildings, there are hotels, a kindergarten, a business center, and cultural facilities. Surrounding by luxury commercial real estate which is growing up flowing the high-speed development of Lujiazui district, the old Dongyuan New Village is facing the pressure of gentrification and urban renewal. As part of the renewal planning project of Dongyuan Culture Park which is leading by the Lujiazui Subdistrict Office, a culture center and a community library had been built within the block of Dongyuan New Village in recent years.

PK79 by Ayutt and Associates design (AAd)
Bangkok, Thailand

Result Announcement: Design Daily Choice Awards 2020

PK79 is located on Petchkasem 79 road, Bangkok, Thailand where is known as the suburban residential area. The site location is in the middle of the wasteland zone, remotely from the city and the low density of population affected directly the safety issue. The neighborhoods of this area live quite far apart from each other. The security issue becomes the main problem for this area and Thai architecture. Most households solve this problem by adding the “wrought iron screens” as a protection screen to all doors and windows preventing thieves or other invaders. Which somehow makes the owners feel uncomfortable and ends up being confined in their own residence and also causes negative effects like terrible shape, view-blocking, and extra maintenance. Although today’s world can solve this problem with various technologies, most Thai people still feel insecure to live in a house without these secondary screens. We live in these skins for years and years becoming unconcerned about it. This gives an architect a design question to develop the façade which works as a protector, but at the same time improves living quality by creating space hierarchy and special characteristics. Ayutt and Associates’ design (AAd)’s results turns out that the house has a special protection screen, which works multi-function as a house feature facade, space divider, a wall, a sun- heat protector, air buffer zone, and air ventilation.

House of Many Arches by 24d-Studio
Kobe, Japan

Result Announcement: Design Daily Choice Awards 2020

House of Many Arches is a gut renovation of a 35-year-old house in Kobe, Japan. The goal was to transform into a design studio with workshop space on the first floor and a residential section on the second floor. Originally built with a function of four rentable apartment units and a small office, the house went through a series of renovations after the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake in 1995, transforming into a work-live space. While the spatial configuration worked for the programmatic goals, the survey revealed misalignment and weakening of structural systems due to past renovations. The residential quarter also was heavily compartmentalized, resulting in an overall lack of natural lighting and ventilation.

Cleft House by Anagram Architects
Delhi, India

Result Announcement: Design Daily Choice Awards 2020

Our clients for this northwest-facing residence, in Delhi, are members of 3 generations joint family. Built on a narrow 326 sqm. plot, their home faces a busy city road in a dense precinct. The design reconciles the acute lack of visual privacy on the site with their desire for an open, light-filled, and convivial home that brings together their family and their friends.

Felix Meritis by i29
Amsterdam, Netherlands

Result Announcement: Design Daily Choice Awards 2020

This unique building on Keizersgracht was built in 1788 for a society of scientists, artists, entrepreneurs, and thinkers. It was a hotspot for creativity and cross-overs during the intellectual movement “The Enlightenment”. Five different departments were housed in one building; Music, Commerce, Literature, Physics, and Drawing.

Quin Industrial Complex by Iconico
San Luis Potosí, Mexico

Result Announcement: Design Daily Choice Awards 2020

Mexican architecture office ICONICO has completed the 8,750-square-meter industrial complex QUIN in the central Mexican city of San Luis Potosí. ICONICO was commissioned for design & construction supervision by Joysonquin, an automobile supplier who is producing wood-made car interiors for the luxury section.

Urban Style 2 by F2M Arquitectos
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Result Announcement: Design Daily Choice Awards 2020

Located in Villa Urquiza, Buenos Aires, ‘Urban Style 2’ is a four-story housing building that consists of six two-room apartments. The neighborhood, which still retains its residential character, with a low and medium density fabric, is in the process of transformation and growth, due to the development of the new ‘Donado-Holmberg’ linear park.

House of Giants by Iterare arquitectos
Valencia, Spain

Result Announcement: Design Daily Choice Awards 2020

Located in Valencia´s famous fisherman’s neighborhood of El Cabañal, House of Giants sets itself as a singular construction on this historical area. Its innovation, far from using in-vogue solutions completely out of context and place, comes from the deep update of the history that takes place in this building. Without oversimplifying or stylizing, the task was to bring up with an updated contemporary proposition, all those materials and construction techniques of the Mediterranean, those of the local people and local industry, efficient and responsible, those that stood the test and weight of time with great dignity. And so all over the house natural stone from the area, earthy lime plaster, reclaimed wood from the very building, and other such materials and traditional techniques are used though with a contemporary understanding of them, not being a call to the past but a hint to the future.

We, the Design Daily team, would like to sincerely thank our supporters and readers for making 10 years of passion worthwhile. We hope you keep reading Design Daily and spread the love for design and architecture.


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