Result Announcement | Our Neighborhood


Posted on: June 22nd, 2021

Result Announcement | Our Neighborhood

Anthology Festival, in partnership with Aseana City, invited creative minds to map their cities through expressive diagrams. As part of the competition “Our Neighborhood,” we invited everyone to present their social experiences that highlight the present locality such as activities, culture, tradition, innovations, and more!

As members of the design community, how do we present theory? Do we communicate with words and gestures towards lifelike images of our proposals? Or do we sketch before our clients, letting our hands lead the conversation? How about graphs, charts, or conventional diagrams?

In today’s era where much of ourselves are detached from physical society, misinterpreted information can easily prevail in the forefront. As such, Anthology Festival advocates the use of diagrammatic expressions as a means of communicating data and reality into easy-to-understand and effective visuals. In our endeavor to check up on the current circumstances of Our City and its constituents, we invite everyone to map out social experiences that dominate their present locality such as activities, culture, tradition, innovations, and so on. By doing so, this collective can shed light on the various after-effects taken on by Our City, as a result of recent adversities and developments.

Winner: Noise and Neighbors (A.K.A. Mga Ingay ng Kapitbahay)
Michael Dave Bognadon

Our Neighborhood_ Winner
Our Neighborhood_ Winner_ 51191523244_dcf345f70a_c

“Coming across this Mapping Competition made me put things into perspective wherein these noises were valuable data present in the neighborhood and not just a source of annoyance. Instead of presenting these data in a technical manner (stating the decibels or any other unit), I opted to visualize “sound/noise” through Manga or Comics. The shape of the speech bubble has the ability to convey indirectly the intensity of a sound. A rounded speech bubble may indicate a calm voice while a pointed one may translate to loudness. The different perspective view, which shows the different location of noise sources, was shot from areas of the house where the noise can be easily heard and seen.”

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