Result Announcement | Playground-E


Posted on: July 4th, 2021

Result Announcement | Playground-E


Playground- E briefed to develop a model playground that has the ability for children to play in the times of today. The design exercise can be considered as an update to the traditional playground. This update can involve better furniture, landscape design, technologies, or systems that use hybrid mediums and games to keep them engaged.

Winner_ Metatopia Playground

A Modular System with Interchangeable Play Elements

“Metatopia is a modular system with interchangeable ply elements. These elements are categorized into playing, farming, resting, and connecting contents.


Playing features include swings, seesaws, roundabouts, trampolines, climbing nets, interactive media caves, and many more.

Farming features include various greenery sittings that support urban farming and agricultural education.

Resting features are designed to foster social interaction, meditation, and mindfulness exercises. Connecting features are lateral and vertical connection points that also act as meeting points.


The modular system of the Metatopia playground allows the setup to be changed in the longer run. Features can be easily added and rolled out in the feature by adding or replacing the modules. Play elements are also interchangeable within each module to update or modify its playing, farming, and resting contents. They can be preferable offsite for the mass production before being connected together and stacked up to become a maze-like play structure on site.”


Jury Comments

“It is remarkable how a modular structure can become friendly light and transparent, avoiding as well the corners created by grids and polygon-based modules. The absence of corners results in a welcoming geometry for a playground and that is a good decision. Bringing up nature and learning to the games is also an extra value.” JOSÉ DE VILLAR MARTINEZ

“This project presents playing and farming in a comprehensive design which is an interesting educational point of view. Nowadays, learning through games proves to be an effective and valuable initiative, and this project targets both at a time. One of the values of the proposal is the chance to use it from outside the “baskets”, we encourage the participants to research this opportunity they created for an even more valuable adaptation to the context.” _ CARLOS CHACÓN PÉREZ

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