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Pura” Competition was briefed for a permanent solution to balance nature and mankind that needs to be re-established without keeping a man as the center of the design intervention. Instead, we need to suggest a common ground for all i.e. an-Architecture and Nature. And this is a converging point between the two acting as a virtual podium for them to blend in the environment while they interact silently?

Winner_ PURA: Viewing deck with watchtower


“The building was designed with respect for the surrounding nature and local architectural influences. Local materials were used to create the facility, such as bamboo, local wood, or local soil, which thanks to the use of “SUPERADOBE” technology served as the main material for the building’s structural wall. The form of the object refers to the neighboring Ngorongoro Center and architectural forms typical of this region.


The combination of functions watch-tower with an appropriate shape of the roof that would correspond with the regional architecture was one of the greatest challenges of this project. After many attempts at functional planning, it was possible to create an object that combines all needful functions in a logical way with the watch-tower integrated with the object in a manner consistent with this shape.”


“By all mentioned methods it was possible to minimize the interference of this object with its surroundings when we look at it from the bigger distance and at the same time to create a building that intrigues and interests from the closer distances.”


Jury Comments

Really nice scheme! The use of natural materials, your consideration of the site, and the regional architecture were all a big positive. _ Richard Bennett

Nice and simple proposition! _ Michel Lefevre 

Remarkable, innovative, beautiful concept development and design execution. It was an honor to see this level of work. Hope to discover who this designer is and to see more of their work in the future._ Faith Okuma


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