The Tree House | Result Announcement


Posted on: June 16th, 2021

The Tree House | Result Announcement


For many, perhaps “The Tree House” has been the first house, and not only that but one of the first self-managed constructions. In this contest, we are going to explore the relationship between the house and the tree, how these two elements create a dialogue. The organic and the artificial, the creation of nature and that of man, or many others. We rescued that first impulse to build a house on a tree to have the possibility of revisiting it with more tools.

There is a personality test called “the house, the tree and the person” where representation techniques are studied in relation to the person (HTP test in English), although it is very interesting, what we want is to explore the relationships between these elements and innovate.

The architectural program of the contest is very flexible, the house has to be for a maximum of two people, you can be on the tree, under the tree, and on the tree … there is no suggested materiality. This freedom is related to maximizing the free exploration of the entities to be linked (the house and the tree).

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Winner 1: Framing the nature
Elda Arcieri, Lorenzo Piermarini, Sara Alinovi


Winner 2: Tree house
Melanie González, Christian Lasso


Winner 3: TTH198
Cristina Sánchez Well, Jimena Alonso Diaz


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