Result Announcement: Urban Chair


Posted on: December 20th, 2020

Result Announcement: Urban Chair

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Street Furniture is an important tool for creating a sense of identity and place making. Effective and quality furniture in a public setup creates an intrinsic relationship between people and urbanscape. Industrial zeitgeist and its mass production methods have eliminated the ‘”design” from the process of creating new furniture. The competition invites designers to create dynamic furniture to be placed in zones of social and public exchange.

The furniture should be fun and interactive for people, allowing them a sense of customization of the space. It may also be able to a host other auxiliary activity like mild relaxation, resting, eating etc. The furniture should be considered as a piece of public art and have a sculptural value to it.

First Prize:

Elisabetta Bortolotto, Gerarda Tolino


Second Prize:

Riya Chadha, Kamya Khandelwal, Chakshu Chopra


Third Prize

Pritesh Vasa


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