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Project Name: Ribas House

Practice: Estudio MRGB

Products: Arquivo Contemporâneo, Deca, Arte ofício, Chance, Evviva Bertolini, Marmoraria Alvorada, Raspatac, Portinari, Vidromex, TG Technical Group

Firm Location: Brasília, Brazil

Completion year: 2018

Gross Built up Area: 750 m²

Project Location: Brasília, Brazil

Design Team: Bruno Ribas, Ana Orefice and Flavia Groba

Engineering: Stumm Engenharia

Structural Consultants: Helder Rossi

Landscape Consultants: Ana Paula Roseo

MEP Consultants: Luiz Eduardo Rope and José Sobrinho

Others: Lighting - Dessine

Photo Credits: Joana França

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Project Description

(Text submitted by architect)

Placed 20 kilometers apart from Brasília’s Plano Piloto center, the Casa Ribas overhangs in a plot with reduced dimensions and appropriates it in a way to balance the privacy-conviviality binom.  Four concrete walls placed longitudinally and spanning fifteen meters from each other anchors, inside its limits, two steel pavilions separated by a patio. This initial partí structures the house in a way to dispose upon these metallic pieces the intimate spaces and, beneath their shadows, the communal spaces.

The patio was articulated here as the central element of spatial organization. It was placed to distribute light and vegetation in a panoramic way to the ground floor level and to produce a silent communication with the upper floor level. The load-bearing concrete walls, afar from their static duty to anchor the steel beams the structures of the upper pavilions, also have an infrastructural character – it withholds service spaces on the ground floor and, circulation on the upper floor.

It is possible to say that the ensemble generated from the project’s actions and interactions resulted, therefore, a house where the re-establishment of a nonexistent landscape must be strong enough to establish dialogues: sometimes more silent, sometimes more outspoken.



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