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Richard Beard

Richard’s grandfather was a land planner. His father was a contractor and developer. Surrounded by architecture and design from the start, it’s possible Richard was born to be an architect. Destined or not, it has always intrigued him. Particularly the history of architecture: how it reflected cultures and shaped lives, public and private. Formerly with BAR Architects since 1980 and as a partner since 1991, Richard was elevated in 2010 to the College of Fellows of the American Institute of Architects in recognition of his contributions to the advancement of the practice of architecture. In 2015, he founded Richard Beard Architects, dedicated to designing enduring, light-filled homes that are locally wedded to their sites. Richard is registered to practice architecture in California, New York, Connecticut, Florida, Arizona, Montana, Hawaii, Massachusetts, Idaho, Michigan, Nevada, Texas, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, and Utah. He resides in San Francisco. Richard’s international work includes projects in Japan, England, Germany, Italy, Mexico, and Uruguay.

Practice Ideology

Our studio’s work is significantly informed by how architecture can integrate with interior and landscape design to achieve a unified design that is more than the sum of its constituent parts. Every project draws from the land, and the process of design begins there as we integrate a client’s aspirations, culture, program and desire with context, perspective, sustainability and resources. Every client relationship is tailor-made, and every solution is site-specific. The ongoing dialogue with our clients is an iterative process, enjoyable and creative; artful and engaging. In addition to our custom home clients, we’ve had had the pleasure of collaborating with companies and entities as diverse as Polo Ralph Lauren, Mumm Napa Valley, Half Century More Tokyo, the National Park Service, and Agassi-Graff LLC.  Our offices are located in San Francisco, in a neighborhood called Dogpatch.

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