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The design challenge for “Right-Live-Stock” looks at a dairy farm for cattle in a peri-urban condition. Consumption of dairy is global yet the farms they come from are always an afterthought.

The design of the farm as an exercise is often ignored and eventually ends up being an efficiency problem of fitting more and more in less space which shouldn’t be the case.

The problem is to understand economic restraints and deliver a balanced living environment for dairy farms.

The winners of the competition are as below.

Winner 1_ Stacked-Stock

This project aims to design a stacked system farm by keeping in mind the psychological and physical aspects of the livestock.

Right-Live-Stock_ Winner 1

Jury Comments

The building feels lost on the cover presentation. The design looks fresh and daring, a very good output from your concept idea._ Ariel Alvarado

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Find the entire competition result with runners-up entries and mention on the competition WEBSITE.

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