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Project Name: Samaranch Memorial

Practice: Archiland

Firm Location: China

Completion year: 2013

Gross Built up Area: 17,800 square meters

Project Location: Tianjin, China

Design Team: Archiland, HAO design(New York), COWI, Kragh & Berglund and TADI

Photo Credits: Yan Chen

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Project Description

(Text as submitted by the Architect | Winner in Architecture, Building and Structure Design Category, 2019 – 2020 )

The original intention is to build a green building that commemorates Mr. Samaranch, inherits the Olympic spirit, expresses sports and sustainable. It was transformed through the five Olympic rings: the main building presents two intersecting circles, and the other three circles transform into a sunken courtyard. The “8” shape commemorates the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. The “S” shape stands for “Samaranch”.The third is that the shape symbolizes Infinity and eternity.

The Samaranch Memorial is designed to commemorate Samaranch and spread the Olympic spirit. It presents the image of the five rings of the Olympic Games. An infinity shaped building form contains a ramping loop and creates a natural flow sequence of entrance, exhibition, roof gardens and servicing functions in one generous gesture. Sunken county yards integrate additional sporting spaces that all in all celebrate both the legacy and life of today using highest level of smart energy design.

The building should grow with people and the environment. The supporting commercial buildings are integrated into the landscape to protect the overall natural landscape and form a large and varied experience space. In addition to showing the collection of Mr. Samaranch’s life, the memorial also has a lecture hall, temporary exhibition hall, winter garden, etc., which can be used to hold various conferences, seminars, exhibitions and other activities.

In order to balance his own present mind and has a need for commemorating time event and people passed to understand his own present and future condition, Challenge is how to avoid the exhibit and content itself not becoming outdated and rather constantly renewing the perspective to our ever-changing present. In other words, how to extend a legacy of the modern Olympics only into a life celebrating institution as Olympics.


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