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Architecture Firm Name: Scott Rasmusson Källander


Firm Location: Stockholm, Tokyo

Founding Year: 2014

Christian Scott Rasmusson
(Text submitted by architect)

Christian is a specialist in urban development, branding and densification with a focus on social and economic sustainability. Christian is 1 out of 2 chief architects at Scott Rasmusson Källander. He works in all stages of the projects and is a specialist in densification within urban development with a focus on social and economic sustainability. Christian founded Scott rasmusson Källander together with Johan Källander in 2014. During his professional life, in addition to the architectural profession, he has worked with property development, in-house construction, concept development, and brand building. As the chief architect at SR-K, he has his focus on the entire process, concept, identity and design.


Johan Källander

Johan is a specialist in urban development with a focus on structures, concepts, logistics, schools and housing. Johan is the second chief architect at Scott Rasmusson Källander. He works in the various projects all stages. Johan founded Scott Rasmusson Källander together with Christian Scott Rasmusson and as the Chief architect of the SR-K has his focus on structures, concepts, and logistics. Johan works methodically and purposefully to create space for life and people at all scales.


Practice Ideology

We are a future – Oriented architectural and brand building company, who aim to create products and environments that produce a greater function than just the visual. The product are sustainable concepts, strategies and architectural solutions where the essence can be seen throughout the whole product.In collaboration with clients who understand and need the value of integrating communication and branding into physical environments, we create a permanent physical space for their concept, beyond traditional marketing and architecture. Our solutions are achieved with a multi-disciplinary approach throughout the entire process, where SR-K, our client and our partner’s knowledge and experiences is key.After several years in the architect and building industry we have purchased the knowledge that range from early stages via branding and economics, down to the smallest screw. We believe it is important to be able to take lessons and teaching from different disciplines and scales. Our ambition is to work with a great variety of projects.

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