SEDA_Urban Housing Studio_2015_Exercise-1_Case Study


Posted on: September 4th, 2018

SEDA_Urban Housing Studio_2015_Exercise-1_Case Study



The objective of this exercise is to know how ‘sense of community’ is achieved by a built environment. During this exercise studio would run as a seminar based course for first two weeks, where various housing examples would be analyzed and discussed in the class. Students will be given list of different vernacular and modern examples of housing case-studies. In the groups of three/four students will select one case-study from each category and analyse them on the basis of following criteria. 

  • Case study based analysis of different Vernacular and Modernist examples.
    • Vernacular: Pole, Haveli, Wada, Courtyard house, Urban Villages, Chawls
    • Modern: Row House, One side shared wall typology, Detached typology, 3 storey walk ins, Mid rise apartments, High rise apartments, Staff Housing for Institutions and Industries, Condominiums designed by Modernist Architects, as well as local examples. 
  • Urban issues:
    • Contextual aspect
    • Figure Ground
    • Anatomy of Streets and squares
  1. Community space / Social issues:
    1. Life style of different income group
    2. Community facility for different income group
    3. Shared infrastructure
  1. Density: 
    1. Urban level density
    2. Site level context
    3. Planning issues
    4. No of Units
  1. Ground association: 
    1. Availability of Ground
    2. Open spaces to each unit
    3. Vehicle access and parking
    4. Ground Cover %
  1. Flexibility: 
    1. Within typology for different types of users
    2. Modifications for the edge or corner typologies
    3. Shared Spaces at cluster level
    4. Serviceability of each units
  1. Privacy: 
    1. Distance Between
    2. Public to Private spaces
    3. Services
    4. Internal and external security 
  1. Openness: 
    1. Single side, two sides, three sides opening
    2. Inside VS Outside relations
    3. Landscaping

Modern examples:

  • Aranya housing, Indore –  B V Doshi
  • GSFC Housing, Vadodara – B V Doshi
  • Belapur housing, Navi Mumbai – Charles Correa
  • Kanchanjunga, Mumbai – Charles Correa
  • Bimanagar, Ahmedabad – B V Doshi
  • REWA house
  • French Embassy Staff Quarters, New Delhi – Raj Rewal
  • CIDCO Housing, New Mumbai – Raj Rewal
  • Housing for British High Commission, New Delhi – Raj Rewal
  • Jaishefali row housing, Ahmedabad – Kamal MangalDas
  • Shyamal Row House, Ahmedabad – Hasmukh Patel
  • Centrepoint, Ahmedabad – Hasmukh Patel
  • Professor’s Quarters IIM-Ahmedabad
  • Sarabhai house, Ahmedabad – Le Corbusier
  • Shodhan House, Ahmedabad – Le Corbusier
  • Xavier Tech Institute, Vadodara – Hasmukh Patel
  • Asian Games Village, New Delhi – Raj Rewal
  • CDSA-campus
  • Auroville
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