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Architecture Firm Name: Shenzhen 31 Design

Firm Location: Shenzhen, China

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Mr. Huang Tao and Mr. Li Zhihong are the co-founders of 31 Design, who both have abundant experiences in international hotel design. Their design projects for large international brands, such as St. Regis, Hilton, The Ascott, have been successful. In recent years, their designs are favored by many premium real estate developers and top-class mansions. The two designers have full understanding of hotels and real estate projects, and are good at integrating the sense of nature, art and life philosophies into the design space, and give full display to their extraordinary creativity in the design language and spatial planning. The designs echo unique experiences and resonate with the commercial value. Mr. Huang and Mr. Li have delivered designed projects across China, such as the Imperial Park Duplex Penthouse Shenzhen (Developer: China Merchants Group), Visun Cullinan Sales Office in Sanya, The Bayview (Developer: Guangzhou Kingold Group), among other villas and sales centers of major Chinese real estate developers.

Shenzhen 31 Interior Design Co., Ltd (Shenzhen 31 Design) is dedicated to high-end interior design, and is popular among sectors such as brand hotels, super luxurious mansion projects, and featured real estate projects. Meanwhile, 31 Design has been venturing in the commercial headquarters and other business design sectors. Through design works that are creative, influential and valuable, 31 Design has won the recognition of the market, in which many visionary customers are willing to challenge new fronts with 31 Design.

31 Design upholds the principle of human-centered design, and focuses on shaping a space with unique experience, accompanied by details with a humanistic touch. 31 Design strives to foster emotional resonance, in order to create infinite possibilities for life. 31 Design has created various works that have won over 100 significant awards in Europe, North America and Asia Pacific region, including the A’Design Award and Competitions (Italy), Gold Award of London Design Awards (UK), German Design Award, and so on.

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