Project Name: SIXPAX HQ

Practice: RDMA

Firm Location: Bandung, Indonesia

Completion year: 2013

Gross Built up Area: 400 sqm

Project Location: Bandung, Indonesia

Design Team: Michael Marino, Adikritz

Contractors: Kristian Budhianto, Jeffry Budiman

Photo Credits: Paskalis Khrisno Ayodyantoro

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Project Description

(Text as submitted by architect)

The brief was to create a maximum enclosure out of an existing two storey pitch roof house to contain a clothing shop plus an administration office forming a headquarter of a local Bandung clothing company SIXPAX. The building strategy was to retain all of the main structural components while removing unnecessary walls and floor slabs. Thus reveals the muscle; the beams and columns of the existing structure which then enhanced its function by inserting a couple of boxes at the upper level to contain the administration office and a meeting room while the shop itself take place on the freed-up space on the ground floor. The space created is a play of solid-void-solid expression behind a plain two storey height glass wall to contrast its appearance with the less glassy of the surrounding building.

The circulation bridge that connects the two boxes at the upper level and the light steel -concrete stairs with iron tube railing are made obvious from any spot of the building to show coexistence between the retail space below and the working space above. The bridge that punches through the meeting box above goes crossing the inner garden to the back building block with transparent glass floor and railing minimizing solid expression around the precious tree. The existing attic transformed into a living room for the board of directors that also connected to a garden on the roof of the back building block. This garden feels connected to the lower one by the tall tree below that reaches up to the top floor.

The material used are arranged by non-wood scheme to keep the building as the canvas for any object placed inside and keep the wood scheme only on the furniture. Cellini has done a lot of work to keep up with the spirit of the building on the upper level. Meeting room, manager & staff area, and board of directors’ studio are well furnished not only by showing the left over wood scheme but also absorbing the material used by the building. Light wood colour applied is to balance between the clean modern look and the retro look of a ‘used to be famous; ubin badak & ubin kepala basah’ local material. On the other hand the main hall on the ground floor was done by inserting recycled furniture and stacks of shoe boxes to create casual atmosphere of shopping. The shoe boxes not only act as stocks but also to live up the coexistence between the different program of public and private into one same space.


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