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Architecture Firm Name: SPBR Arquitetos

Website: www.spbr.arq.br

Firm Location: Sao Paolo, Brazil

Angelo Bucci

Victor Próspero








Felipe Barradas








Lucas Roca



Practice Ideology

spbr is an architecture office established in São Paulo, Brazil. It was founded in 2003 by Angelo Bucci.

For over 25 years, Angelo Bucci has been dedicated to building design, sharing his time between both professional and academic duties. These parallel activities define a special approach to SPBR projects, in which the professional demands are understood as an engaging opportunity to research and speculate new ideas.

Our projects show a critical view on aspects of the modern architecture, and highlight the importance of structural accuracy and distinctness, construction viability, transparency, and most importantly, a comprehension of the urban space as dialogue between architectural works. The projects of SPBR have become increasing recognition in prizes, conferences, publications and exhibits in Brazil and throughout the world.

The office has its greatest stimulus in exploring the field of an unrealized possibility, aiming a full of senses drawing, informed by previous experiences and the proper use of resources.

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