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The Spirala Community Home Competition was a chance for participants to create a structure within the Spirala Ecological Village in Northern Portugal that would be a shared space for the community to meet and run events. The winning entries were selected as they best served the community, while at the same time being great examples of sustainable design.

Winner 1

Spirala Community Home _winner 1_1

The first prize was awarded to Ekin Turgay and Serkan Sonar from Turkey. Their ‘Swirl Pavilion’ project proposes a circular structure made of rammed earth and timber, featuring openings on the east and west for natural ventilation, and an inclined green roof centered on a skylight. The jury loved the “quiet subtlety” of this design, with great thought being given to the sourcing of the materials and the climate of the building.


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Winner 2

Spirala Community Home Winner 2

Second prize winners Manuel Collado Arpia, Dustin Hernandez Jover, and Berta Calle Martos from Spain created “a constellation of programs orbiting around a protective shadow in motion” for their ‘Shadow Cycles’ project, showing an “a reality and humbleness” that the jury enjoyed.


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Winner 3

Spirala Community Home _winner 3_3

Leonardo Raviola, Joao Carriço, and Ruben Guerreiro from Portugal were awarded third prize for their ‘In Between’ project. This involved a sunken rectangular form, made of concrete with two large circular spaces, in a “poetic use of exterior and interior space, beautifully drawn and rendered,” according to the jury.


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Other awards included the “Competition Client’s Favourite” award and the Green Award which were presented to Ryo Murata, Mizuho Ueyama, Tomohiro Koizumi, and Renata Baksai from Japan for their ‘Molecular Spiral’ project. Students from the Odessa State Academy of Civil Engineering and Architecture in Ukraine, Mykhailo Vishchun and Zhenya Zhenev, received the ARCHHIVE BOOKS Student Award for their submission.

Explore the entire results with jury comments, and mention entries on the competition WEBSITE.


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