Supergartern | Winner Announcement


Posted on: August 9th, 2021

Supergartern | Winner Announcement


The “Supergartern” design challenge is to conceive a Kindergarten for 75 children + 75 children in an expansion plan – based on the design theme above. The problem not only expands to the spatiality of the Kindergarten but explores new learning models/frameworks that help teachers to employ a different types of teachings in day-to-day life effortlessly. The problem looks at opening up classrooms either partially or completely by creating smaller pockets or blurred borders promoting openness and learning from either peers or the environment.

Winner 1_Cube Land

The Cube Land Kindergarten tries to combine play, biological, visual, and movement experiences with architectural circulation and micro-space. Familiar spaces for the child in the combination with the Maori culture and the climatic needs of the region shape micro-spaces.

Jury Comments
The technically appealing design of the kindergarten, in spite of the geometric grid exciting and diversified areas, were created._ Roland Baldi

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