Technology in Architecture: An Engineers Sketchbook an interview with Manjunath BL


Posted on: January 6th, 2021

Technology in Architecture: An Engineers Sketchbook an interview with Manjunath BL


ArchiDiaries is launching a series of live interviews called “Technology in Architecture” with some of the best practices, professionals, researchers, academicians and engineers, who have dedicated their efforts towards scientific and technical advancement in the field. ‘Technology in Architecture’ is very different from ‘Architectural Technology’. The latter essentially focuses on use of Technology in designing of buildings and its construction. Whereas the former encompasses the use of a variety of advanced technology in all aspects of architecture ranging from decision making, resource management, impact analysis to design and construction.

Our next guest Manjunath BL will talk about “An Engineers Sketchbook” on February 20th, 2021. Interested people can join this conversation on Facebook live at 11:00 AM (GMT + 5:30).

In this talk, he will focus on the trajectory of his practice and working methods as well as his evolving stance as a structural Engineer involved in the complex and multi-layered task of a building.

About Prof Manjunath BL  

Manjunath BL is an engineer based out of Bangalore. He heads his own practice in the city since 1994, having built up a portfolio of works and sketches that encompasses some of the most exciting buildings being built today where he is seen (often primarily) as a conceptual co-author as much as a consultant/collaborator. In his own words, the work of his practice stems from a “Vision for the role of engineering in design and of design in engineering shaped by humanistic, rather than simply technical principles.”

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