Technology in Architecture and Design

‘Technology in Architecture’ is very different from ‘Architectural Technology’. The latter essentially focuses on use of Technology in designing of buildings and its construction. Whereas the former encompasses the use of a variety of advanced technology in all aspects of architecture ranging from decision making, resource management, impact analysis to design and construction.


While one can contend the actual meaning of terms, we can reach a general consensus that technology is affecting the built environment and its manifestation in multiple ways. It is introducing a new kind of spectrum through Computational design and Parametric Architecture which is contextual, adaptable, mass customized and heterogeneous. Artificial Intelligence is also playing an important role in making design decisions and problem solving. On the other hand innovative tectonic and structural explorations are taking place using the concept of Biomimicry. Moreover, the construction industry is experimenting extensively in 3D printing and robotics. With the profession moving forward, design pedagogy and academics are also investing in understanding how these technologies can be pushed to its optimum limit and are constantly looking for innovations.