The Address – Innovating Multi-Level Living in India

SAVE The Address – Innovating Multi-Level Living in India

Last Submission Date: 28th February - 2021

Last Registration Date: 20th February - 2021

Country: India

Prizes: INR 2,00,000 + 15 Honourable Mentions + Top 50

Type: Open Competition

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About Competition

From the very beginning of its existence human being have always been involved in the process of adaptation from the consequences created by its own. Among such one of the prevailing consequence humans face at present is the space crunch. As a result of this, we have started building dwelling units stacked next to & over one another and have adapted the change of habituating on heights. But with every new adaptation comes new unimagined challenges as assimilating more people into a confined piece of land requires thoughtful distribution of all basic facilities that are required for living.

The concept of vertical living is no new but the way architecture has shaped it has made vertical living a new luxury. The aim of the competition is to explore & innovate new design possibilities for the future vertical communities in India. The idea behind the competition is to refine the apartment architecture in India & develop new feasible concepts.


Total Prize worth – INR 2, 00,000 + 15 Honourable Mentions + Top 50

First Prize: INR 1, 00,000 + Certificate + Publication

Second Prize: INR 50,000 + Certificate + Publication

Third Prize: INR 25,000 + Certificate + Publication

Best Student Design Award: INR 10,000 + Certificate + Publication

Best Architect Design Award: INR 10,000 + Certificate + Publication

Best Presentation Award: INR 5,000 + Certificate + Publication

Requirements / Eligibility

The competition is open for all. Architecture Students, Architects, Interior Designer, Civil Engineer & for any individual with a creative mindset. Minimum eligible age to participate is 18 years.

Submission / Key Dates

Final Registration Date: 20th February – 2021

Final Submission Date: 28th February – 2021

About the Organizer

Years of rigorous training, hard work, endless juries & redo’s makes a normal student an Architect. Being an Architect is a proud feeling in itself because you are a only few in the world that has different vision of looking at the world. We have the power to express through our creative minds & the responsibility of converting people’s dream into reality.

But today there is “n” number of architectural professionals in the world. In this new information age, countless creative concepts go unnoticed. One portfolio should not be the only way to judge one’s creative mindset. It is for this reason we have created this platform “ARCHMELLO” to promote young minds by organizing international architecture design competitions.

Our team of architectural professionals works to develop unique competition themes which is created after hours of discussions & debates. The briefs we design are not just conceptual ideas instead we look for real life issues faced by society at different contexts so that our participants can provide a solution to the society through their architectural genius.

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