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The design brief for the competition The Container City was to design a student housing concept made of 15 shipping containers. Devise the spaces and the requirements based on how many people ideally can this shipping container setup can fit. Please note the housing concept has to be made out of shipping containers primarily.

If you wish to create extensions, canopies bridges, made of other materials (Like timber, steel, concrete) you may do that, but only limited to 15% of the surface area of these 15 containers only. The size of the container can any of the two 40′ x 8′ x 8’6″ and 20′ x 8′ x 8’6″. You can include plinths, columns, or frameworks made of other materials.

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Winner_ Vertical Village

A small community of manufactured & affordable student housing; living closely together in a block of industrial containers

1_The Container City_ruben372021-03-14T12-56-53-863076

“Vertical village is the creation of a compact 4 storey block structure, where student residents can live small scale and close within an environment with room for social gathering and share spaces.2_The Container City_ruben372021-03-14T12-56-37-947975

The different units are tied together via the common atrium in the block, covered by a glass roof where major vertical circulation happens between the different levels.”

3_The Container City_ruben372021-03-14T12-56-30-168161

“The vertical village will consist of 15-21 student residents who will live closely together in the block which is organized in such way that a sense of sharing and neighborhood can happen, avoiding more solitary feeling by spreading housing containers over a too open and exposed site context. In this sense the density of the block makes a community feeling for the people living there.”

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Jury Comments

“Really solid work with well-developed details.”_ Luís Rebelo de Andrade
“Very suitable design for industrial (+heritage) zones of cities.”_ Pinar Dinc Kalayci 

5_The Container City_ruben372021-03-14T12-57-02-800865

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