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Project Name: The Cube House

Practice: Reasoning Instincts Architecture Studio – RIAS

Products: Accoya, Kajaria, Asian Paints, Hybec, Simpolo, Kohler, LIMOCOAT

Firm Location: Ahmedabad, India

Completion year: 2018

Gross Built up Area: 710 sqm

Project Location: Ahmedabad, India

Lead Architects: Ujjaval Parekh, Bhairavi Dhoot, Krunal Mistry

Design Team: Meel Panchal (Architect) + Shruti Talsania (Architect)

Clients: Jitubhai Shah

Structural Consultants: Innovative Designs, Rutvik Dave, Ahmedabad

Landscape Consultants: Pastel Green Creatives, Brinda Pancholi, Ahmedabad

MEP Consultants: Chetan Vyas, Ahmedabad

Photo Credits: Krunal Mistry

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Project Description

(Text submitted by the Architect | Updated on 06 November, 2020)

A multi generation house conceived and manifested as a blend of modern aspirations of traditional values of its inhabitants. Situated within a dense urban fabric of a residential colony, the site demanded careful consideration of the house massing to maintain its privacy and openness.

The physical from of the house as its name suggests is conglomerated and articulated within a single cubic volume leaving one third of the land open for landscaping. Its components also adhere to this inherent geometry at various scales while following disciplines of climatic design. The form cascades down towards the north and the east resulting into stepping terraces maximizing natural daylight. Complementing these terraces are the raised blocks on the south and the west which keeps the terraces in the shade. Such an arrangement allows the house to open itself towards its landscaped areas offering green vistas from the internal spaces.

The residence edifices multiple living areas, five bedrooms and an entertainment zone with a home theatre, gym and a spa. The heart of the house is the double volume family space attached to an intimate open courtyard. The transparent nature of the courtyard allows unobstructed visual connections across its large floor plate. The staircase and the lift shaft segregate the private bedroom spaces, social living and recreational lifestyle spaces across all floors. Hence the staircase plays a pivotal role in the overall movement in the house.

Enhancing the staircase is the interactive and dynamic screen bringing joy to the stair users. This rotating timber planked screen veils the staircase and forms a tall backdrop for the double volume family space. Each bedroom relishes an extended open or semi open space in the form of a terrace or a balcony enhancing the experience of the space and the cross ventilation within the rooms.

One of the key outdoor space is the ‘den’. A space conceived for the youngest generation of the family on the second floor for informal outdoor activities. An extension to the gym, the ‘den’ is wrapped by the mild steel trellis that filters the sunlight creating an interesting play of shadows depending on the sun path. The trellis turns and meets the floor in continuity and defines the volume of the den. It sits as a crown over the house. Its visual presence changes from being a heavy mass as perceived from the street level to a transparent membrane from the neighboring terraces.


The bold contrasting external finishes such as brushed colored lime plaster and texture paints define the different volumes bringing a new sense of vibrancy in the neighborhood. The use of red travertine on the compound wall and landscape features not only enhances the user experience but also rejuvenates the street. The internal material palette is an amalgamation of various materials used in specific spaces. Within this mixed palette the extensive use of teak timber in staircase, the bridge, internal doors and the double height screen conveys the warmth within the house.  The lime plastered ceiling with exposed concrete finish defines the uniform character of all internal spaces.

To conclude ‘The Cube House’ is not a monolithic block but rather a composition achieved through the evolution of a cube in response to the context and the project brief exuding clarity and simplicity.




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