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Project Name: The Extend House (Refurbishment)

Practice: Landmak Architecture

Firm Location: Vietnam

Completion year: 2016

Project Location: Vietnam

Lead Architects: Ta Tien Vinh, Truong Tuan Chung

Design Team: Nguyen Thu Phuong,Vu Nam Son, Le Minh Hoang, Do Tho Ha, Bui HuyToan, Nguyen Hoang Hai

Contractors: Doan Van Khang, Bui Thanh Tung

Photo Credits: Le Anh Duc

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Project Description

(Text as submitted by the Architect)

In Vietnam, recent years, the house built in advance in new urban areas is popular. Although these urban areas are often located at beautiful position, the project owners do not often adequately investigate the needs and living habits of Vietnamese when building hundreds villas. They are mostly affected by the French architectural style which makes the buyers often reconstruct the space inside house.

This house is a case. One difference from the neighbor’s house is that it is connected from two Semi-D. Fence separating two Semi-Ds is removed, two garden spaces links together. We build an unclosed awning near the road and join two Semi-Ds with a bridge made of steel structure and transparent glass behind the house. That solution make the two Semi-Ds become a continuous block and yet maximize advantage of the view to golf course behind. We wanted to reconstruct the house become a mixture of architectural features: space for family, space for guests, space for events and all must be comfortable as a mini Resort.

The interior spaces are completely changed. In block A, a lift is used to make the vertical movement more comfortable and convenient.

In block B, ladder is moved to other location, combines with the void in order to take light for the spaces near the neighbor’s house.

Architects makes a research and transform the architectural details in the Vietnamese traditional houses as well as the main point of Buddhism (Vajrayana sect) to create:

The tropical climate in the public spaces such as living room, bedroom, home working space, spa, etc.

Buddhism marked space
Meditation space
The patio to meet friends with “screen” which is half open – half close

The other details and partition walls with wooden spindles or natural stone made in the Vietnamese traditional villages, for example, Dong Ky village – BacNinh, NinhKhanh stone village – NinhBinh, Van Phuc silk village – Hanoi.

Finally all mix together, between local and contemporary, religion and daily life, privacy and community, the old and the new, the interior and exterior, close and open. And the last is the peaceful atmosphere when host comes home after leaving exciting life outside.


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