The Friendship Park of Gyumri aims at renovation through an Open International Competition for Designers

The Friendship Park of Gyumri aims at renovation through an Open International Competition for Designers


The renovation of Friendship Park is part of comprehensive development and restoration of Gyumri within IDeA’s Armenia 2020 Initiative.

The renovated park will not only become a new public venue for the Gyumri people and guests of the city but also a symbol of gratitude to the countries that have supported the city’s rehabilitation after the devastating earthquake in 1988.

The Friendship park development in Gyumri is a complex project which includes not only design and landscape solutions but also an event-driven program of the space.

Architectural solutions of the park are based on its surroundings and importance for the recreational system of Gyumri. The park will cover the function of being both a recreational place of the city and a cosy courtyard. For that reason the park will include recreational objects for citizens such as stage, amusement park, fairs and vernissage. Besides, there will be places for daily rest such as a big playground, a cluster of sports grounds, promenades and even a skatepark. Nonetheless, the park area will stay flexible and adaptable to different scenarios. It can adjust to various event programs or seasonal changes in recreational activities.

The event-driven content of the park is based on the Gyumri identity. The events put it to the surface and generate new ideas. Thus classical music is balanced with rock and jazz, traditions are mixed with modern art, historical context meets modern theater and different generations. Since the renovated park is expected to be a symbol of friendship and gratitude for the countries the event program will make different users communicate with each other. For instance, there is no need to speak the same language to participate in many workshops. Besides, the program meets the special needs of acoustically and visually challenged people or people with musculoskeletal diseases.

In addition to proposals for the material and non-material content of the park, the project includes the development of an operating model of the park that is essential to ensure the park viability. The operating model will be an answer to the questions of how and who will manage the park, how to receive funding for its daily activities, and how to implement the park. Also, the model takes into account the established professional market of Gyumri and includes mechanisms for attracting and training missing personnel.

The park project is designed to be an important attraction point for nonresidents and foreign tourists and an accessible and modern space for local people at the same time. Every visitor will find leisure activities in the park regardless of his social or financial status, age, gender and nationality.

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