The International VELUX Award 2020 announces Ten Regional Winners



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The esteemed international jury, comprising Odile Decq, Studio Odile Decq (FR), Nora Demeter, Demeter Design Studio (HU), Sebastian Adamo, Adamo-Faiden Architects (AR), Juri Troy, Juri Troy Architects (AT) and Martin Pors Jepsen from VELUX A/S (DK), evaluated the 579 daylight projects submitted from 250 different schools in 60 countries. The projects were submitted in two categories: Daylight in Buildings and Daylight Investigations. The judges unanimously agreed upon the winners during the virtual jury meeting held from 6-8 July 2020.

The jury reviewed all the projects, individually and across regions, to get an overall impression of the entries, their quality and their themes.

The jury observed strong overall engagement in the environmental, social, cultural and political challenges of our time that students provided solutions to through the use of daylight.

The projects demonstrated a strong commitment from both students and teachers regarding the topic of daylight. Specific themes were recognised as part of the same educational programme in schools. The projects signalled a multiplicity of directions and concerns that light plays an important spatial role as a common denominator and as an inspiration independent of latitudes and attitudes.

The winners from the ‘Daylight in Buildings’ category are:

Africa: A Million Little Lights
Student: Michali Jameson
School: Greenside Design Centre, College of Design
Teacher: Jean Wiid
Country: South Africa

The Americas: Bright Roots
Student: Alejandro Satt
School: Universidad Andrés Bello
Teacher: Javier Del Rio
Country: Chile

Asia & Oceania: Ink and Light
Students: Mingjie Guo, Jingwen Yang, Cong Liu, and Ziyong Mou
School: Xi’an University of Architecture and Technology
Teacher: Rui Wu
Country: China

Western Europe: Solar Desalination Skylight
Students: Henry Glogau
School: Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts
Teacher: David Garcia
Country: Denmark

The winners from the ‘Daylight Investigations’ category are:

Africa: Let There Be Light
Students: Emmanuel Ayo-loto and John Ogungefun
School: Obafemi Awolowo University
Teacher: Babajide Onabanjo
Country: Nigeria

The Americas: AQIP – Air Quality Index Pavilion
Students: Mina Onay and Richard Schutte
School: University of Toronto
Teacher: Jason Peter King
Country: Canada

Asia & Oceania: Light Therapy
Students: Qianqian Zhou, Gezi Li, Zhu Chen, Fengming Li, and Lurui Lyu
School: Beijing Jiatong University
Teacher: Yinan Zhou
Country: China

Eastern Europe & the Middle East: The Theater of Light
Students: Julia Giżewska, Dominik Kowalski, and Paweł Białas
School: Silesian University of Techonology
Teacher: Jerzy Wojewódka
Country: Poland

Western Europe: Words to Light – Lucioles [Fireflies]
Students: Xingyu Chen, Matteo, Giglio, Ghil Meynard, Noëlie Seguet-Pey, Nicolas Salha, Raphaël Pletinckx, Hiba Nasser, and Ghil Meynard
School: Université Catholique de Louvain
Teacher: Jean-Luc Capron
Country: Belgium

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