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Project Name: The Obvious

Practice: MYVN Architecture

Firm Location: Bangaluru, India

Completion year: 2019

Gross Built up Area: 6500 SQFT

Project Location: Bangalore, India

Lead Architects: Elayaraja Mayavan

Design Team: Elayaraja Mayavan & Himanshu Lamba

Clients: OBVIOUS

Contractors: RAHUL ASSOCIATES, & Galore Constructions

Others: Lighting : Achu P & IKEA Furniture : Sangaru, SPIN & IKEA

Photo Credits: MYVN Architecture

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Project Description

(Text as submitted by the Architect)

The Obvious started off as any other project, the client approached to brief about their third workspace in a row as they grew in a bigger team. Unlike other offices in Bangalore with sufficient area to accommodate the strength, our client believed in openness and enough space for everyone and that is the reason they opted to work on a floor plate of 6500 sq. ft; double the required room for 25 people. Though the plan is divided into parts, it follows the order and feels vast.


Moving further in the Community zone, the workshop space is purposely designed for hands-on, a pocket for the team to interact and create better. Whilst supporting the crafts work of local artists and adding up to the character of the space, an original Ring sofa designed by Sandeep Sangaru and some minimalist furniture from Spin was brought. The aisle follows the transition zone consisting of one of the three pockets of workspaces, designed with sliding folding system which has white boards installed. This workspace is developed as a discussion area. The conference room is kept at the entrance to present the glimpse of the work context and office culture.

The deep work zone involves the predominant workspace where the group crafts their work and motives. This includes the second workspace with the long table near the column partition designed for the engineers and the third being the one with high planter boxes for the designers, although the team believes in comfort while working and shuffles according to the needs. The requirement included a library within the workspace based on one of their principle of designing. The zone also includes two meeting rooms side by side.

While all the other parts of the office are designed with the purity of white, the washrooms are all black and represent a complementing vibe of a dark zone. The space is dark, intimate and lit enough to relax while all you can focus on is yourself.

The most relaxing feature of the space is every part of the office has balconies all around, which are flushed with green diligently. One can stroll around or attend a phone call while being surrounded by strings of green. The facades are fully glazed, which encloses the office as an entity and after stepping out in the balcony one can feel the city. The balconies are kind of a buffer zone creating a soothing filter; refining one’s vision while looking over the polluted city. The front side balconies are used for flushed green around the office whereas the rear side balconies fulfilled the purpose of utility area.

The plan is flooded with natural light which enhanced the idea of minimalism artificial light would have not made such impact. Even the grey cement epoxy goes well with the concept whereas adding green complemented the palette and completed the picture as a whole.


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