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Architecture Firm Name: The Office as a Project


Firm Location: Hong Kong

Founding Year: 2017

Michael He

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MArch, Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-Arc)
◦ BA (Honours with Distinction), Political Science & Architectural Studies (Design), University of Toronto

The Office as a Project was launched in 2017, originally based in Hong Kong, as a Spaceplanning, Research and Design consultancy. The goal of the Project is to reimagine & improve the field of workplace design by placing the user at its centre.

Michael trained and practiced as an architect in Toronto & Los Angeles before taking the role of the first Architecture Advisor for the co-working workspace provider & social enterprise, Second Home, in London. He represented Second Home as the Client Representative on all global projects from 2015 to August 2017, acted as in-house designer in charge of New Project Feasibility, as well as Project Manager for several projects. These projects have been published in many periodicals and newspapers, both online and in print. He is a licensed Architect in the United States (New York State).

Practice Ideology

The Office as a Project is our attempt at understanding—through building & research—the modern office. We do this by investigating every assumption and challenging every convention in this increasingly homogeneous field.We design & create workplaces (through a full range of architectural services), research, theorize & publish on the past, future & present of workplaces. We provide spaceplanning and strategic design consultations and consult on workplace projects for other architects & designers. We create affordable (and beautiful) solutions for small, medium & micro businesses .


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