The RE-Stock London Results Announced


Posted on: October 28th, 2020

The RE-Stock London Results Announced

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The RE-Stock London Housing Competition is part of Bee Breeders’ Affordable Housing competition series, run in partnership with ARCHHIVE Books and the Bartlett School of Architecture. This competition sought to reconsider the use of existing London sites as a means to jumpstarting the city of London once again as a hotbed of innovative affordable housing. The jury favoured proposals that intelligently adapted existing infrastructure, considered community cohesion, limited energy consumption, or put forth innovative construction methods.

First prize was awarded to Elisabeth Loehr from the Berlin University of the Arts, Germany, for her ingenious concept to repurpose the some 300 subterranean water storage facilities built during Victorian-era London. ‘Revival of the Reservoirs’ proposed partially excavating these brick-formed, barrel-vaulted structures, and partially constructing above them – to offer a dynamic new form of low-scale community with ample outdoor common space on two levels.

Second prize was awarded to Melody Chu and Deedee Chung from the Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-Arc), USA. They proposed an alternative design to the traditional London terrace house with their ‘Two-up Two-Down’ project. The proposal is a roadmap for mixing single-family, multi-family, and co-living units, above a common ground-floor plinth infused with commercial space.

Third prize was awarded to Jierong Lyu, also from the Berlin University of the Arts, for their ‘Above the Grid’ project which focused on reprogramming London Council Housing by means of a modular and combinatory grid for various user types.

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