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Architecture Firm Name: The Red Studio


Firm Location: Vadodara, India

Founding Year: 2019

The Red Studio has been conceived by Prof. Percy Adil Pithawala as an integrated studio cum gallery space, with an emphasis on furthering the boundaries of education and research in Architecture, Art & Design. With years of experience in academics in the above mentioned fields, The Red Studio is deeply invested in the process of learning. Our academic endeavors are aimed at enabling students of design to better grasp the visual culture, understand the processes of design development and create independent ideas in domains of interest. Through discussions, workshops, time-problems, residencies, presentations and multiple other formats, The Red Studio helps students as well as emerging professionals realize their full design potential

Moreover, at The Red Studio, design and architecture research forms the basis of all our work. We explore digital tools, new methods of representing design, drawing techniques and mediums, emerging international influences, academic and professional issues, current discussions on urban design, technology and concerns of contemporary architecture. The resource of accumulated research will help provide a fertile ground on the basis of which several projects could be initiated and also enable participation at national and international level design competitions.

The disciplines of architecture, art and design are increasingly intertwined in visual culture. At The Red Studio, we are conscious about the overlapping domains and the impact of a cross-disciplinary discourse. Through lectures, presentations, discussions, exhibitions and seminars, the studio intends to broaden the horizons of architectural discourse and enable multi-disciplinary exposure to design students and professionals.

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