The Sleeping Pods on a Cliff | Winner Announcement


Posted on: August 10th, 2021

The Sleeping Pods on a Cliff | Winner Announcement


The Sleeping Pods on a Cliff competition is the third collaboration between Bee Breeders and the Vale de Moses Yoga Retreat – an international yoga retreat in the remote pine and eucalyptus forests of central Portugal. Participants were tasked with proposing design solutions for simple sleeping pods that could accommodate a couple of guests at a time.

Winner 1

Sleeping pods Winner 1_Feature

Marco Moretto and Maciej Abramczyk from the Netherlands won first prize and our Green Award for their ‘Dew Catcher project. This design proposed an A-frame structure with a stepped, transparent polycarbonate roof over layers of nylon mesh to capture dew and fog and supply water to the cabin and surrounding vegetation.


Winner 2

Sleeping pods Winner 2_Feature

The second prize went to Evgenii Varlygin and Anastasiia Soshnikova from the Russian Federation for their Berço do Vale project, which featured a rectangular pod design based on the concept of a cradle.


Winner 3

Sleeping pods Winner 3_Feature

The third prize went to Harsha Rajashekar and Christofer Cattell from Australia, whose Bio-rig project featured a pill-shaped pod defined by two rings of curtains centered on an interior plant nursery.


Other awards include the “Vale de Moses Favourite” award which went to the Sleeping Stone project by Yanja Tumurbaatar, Sara Lolarga, and Mini Cheon from Canada; and the ARCHHIVE BOOKS Student Award which went to Xinwei Chen and Maple Lin from the University of California, Berkeley and their Nature Amplifier project.

Find the entire competition results on the competition WEBSITE.

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